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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 26, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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government-run insurance plan gets put back on the table. a look at the senate floor. >> life ended hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. it bugs it has been a bad day that? >> it has been a bad day in afghanistan for american forces. >> this as the president ways the future of the troubled war. >> the taliban is claiming credit for shooting down one of the helicopter's crash in today. u.s. officials say there is no evidence yet how the helicopter went down, but this is intensifying the debat over sending more troops to afghanistan. >> one of the dead these days yet for americans in afghanistan. >> we believe we had two helicopters that likely collided together in the air. as a result, both christ and we had four u.s. servicemen killed and -- and was a result, both
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crashed and we had four u.s. servicemen killed and two others injured. >> ended another crash -- >> we had seven u.s. service members killed and three u.s. civians. >> the war on drug trafficking has become a source of revenue for insurgents. >> the war inç afghanistan has now surpassed the revolutionary war by roughly three weeks. it is the longest war america as ever fought with an all volunteer force. we are, in a very real sense, in and chartered territory. >> the obama administration inherited a country already in dangerous decline. >> now it falls to all of us to get this fixed. >> john kerry insists it would be a mistake not to stay and fight.
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>> richard hinkle and his cameraman were supposed to be on board. at the last nute, they were told there was not enough room on that ill-fated chopper. 11 u.s. soldiers and 14 afghan soldiers were injured in the crash. >> the so-called public option of the health care reform plan but a major shot in the arm today. senate majority leader harry reid said the legislation and on the floor will include an option for government-run interests. states will have the option to opt out of the program if they choose. it gives the government a role in the overall health care system. >> congress is acting like a teenager with their parents' credit card, not worry about who's going to have to pay the bill. >> democrats counter that a public plan will not only lower
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health costs, but benefits as well. >> senate democrats will focus this week on extending jobless benefits to people still out of work. the bill will extend the benefits for 14 weeks in all states and an extra six weeks for those states where unemployment is above 8.5%. the dow has gained some strength. but it ended down below 10,000 again. >> the stakes are high in the race for governor in virginia. both agree on how to win your votes in the election. return to the latest current battleground virginia. >> for the first time, you can really sense that they understand the finish line is within sight. these next few days are absolutely crucial. we just sat down with creigh
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deeds. he says [unintelligible] >> yuko one week at to go. >> creigh deeds is a man hanging onto every day. a round-the-clock he is shaking hands, trying to convince voters that his underdog status is not new to him. >> every time in my political life i believe the poll, i would be out of long time ago. but you know what can i do not believe in that. we're going to win this election. >> but he admits he has to earn undecided voters and produce at every opportunity. so, i'd will be with white house help. -- it will be with white house help. president obama will speak and likely push job growth. his opponent bob and donald ll also be pushing for victory. he annoced today new jobs and
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new opportunity. he will be in five towns over the five day stretch. >> and keep talking about the important things that virginians care about, quality of life, jobs, economic development, roads and schools. >> mitt romney will read by his side later this week. -- will be by his side later this week. trex polls that show bob macdonald with a lead -- >> there are polls that show bob macdonald with the lead. >> the ongoing feud between the city council and major it -- and mayor adrian fenty is heating up. the mayor has reappointed a woman as the parks and rec had
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three weeks after the council rejected her in the positions and she does not have the work experience. >> hundreds of people turned out as a swine flu clinic in prince william county today, hoping to protect themselves and their children from the potentially deadly virus. the county health department at 600 doses of the h1n1 vaccine to handout at the clinic at the manassas mall today. dozens arrive before the mall opened. right now, children and pregnant women are being given priority for those doses. abc7 news is on your side with the information you need aboutç the seasonal flu and the swine flu vaccine. >> coming at, the redskins hope for a shake-up of -- the redskins hope that a shake-up of
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the field will lead to a turnaround on the field. >> supporters and opponents of gay marriage face off over the initiative on the 2010 ballot. >> clouds are rolling in and it is just a matter of time before the rain comes, too. we will tell you when in the forecast. we will tell you when in the forecast.
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>> four john fairfax county
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girls are orphans night after their parents were killed in a car accidentver the weekend. but they were fantastic parents. they prioritized their kids, loved being with their kids. every weekend with soccer and other activities. >> they were driving along the fairfax county park race saturday night when another lot -- another driver lost control and hit there s.t.v.. the impact sent their vehicle across the median and on -- into an oncoming pickup truck. the couple was pronounced dead at the scene. the family has taking custody of the girls. >> the fight over gay marriage is heating up. the spikes i am against homosexuality. by amped -- >> i am against homosexuality and same-sex marriage. >> i want to live in the city that recognizes the love and commitment of anyone who is in a relationship and is interested in getting marriage.
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>> opponents of same-sex marriage want the board of elections to put the measure on the city ballot, giving voters the option to ban the union. 270 people are scheduled to speak tonight and at another meeting next week. all the campuses of george washington university will be wireless by the end of the month. 2400 wireless access. will be installed around the three campuses. the university will -- has been working to create the system for years. they have upgraded the last few access. this week. -- . points this week. >> fans speak out tonight. >> plus, what is up with the weather this week? we have the forecast. >> [inaudible] we have the forecast. >> [inaudible] ç
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the job of attorney general is keeping families safe. but ken cuccinelli doesn't see it that way. he has a personal political agenda. ken cuccinelli says he won't enforce laws he disagrees with. he supports the loophole that allows felons to buy guns. ken cuccinelli even voted against requiring clergy to report child molestation. i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad because i'll focus on keeping our families safe.
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>> the redskins organization is
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in flux going into tonight's game. >> controversy has made their action on the sidelines more interesting than the action on the field. we have fans' reaction ahead of tonight's game. >> right now, fans are reacting to traffic out here. you take rush-hour and the redskins game and monday night football, and then they have to face what happens on the field as well. >> hope is n'yah by a thread. >> -- is hanging on by a thread. >> according to nielsen ratings, many are watching the game on tv. according to fans, there's good reason there are not as many ticketholders in the stands. >> much of the redskins fans still getting, the problem is not the quarterback, but the owners.
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>> i do not think too much matters unless you get snyder to step away from it. >> snyder took that coach away from play calling and put sherman williams in charge. going into game 4 with no guarantee of winning. what keeps the fans going? >> it is loyalty. >> if they lose tonight, they lose just about all they have left. >> traffic is starting to get back up near fedex field. on the beltway, leading up to the stadium, metra does plan to keep the morgan boulevard metra stock opened an additional hour tonight. -- the morgan boulevard metro stop open an additional hour tonight. >> ideal football weather out there. cloudy skies, light winds, the mid 50's.
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>> for the moment, the son has been down for about three or four minutes now. just a few leftover breaks in the cloud cover will fill in later tonight. ç>> when you go to bed saturday night,urned back one hour. 2:00 a.m. sunday morning becomes 1:00 a.m. i will this -- i will explain it dozens more times this week. we have a bit of starving is off the coast -- stormy nets off the coast. that is good to move out of the area and that we will get a second storm that brings a better chance of rain draw our area. that will be tomorrow night into wednesday morning. at 59 degrees, a light easterly wind. the 57 in buie.
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we have a box from outside fedex field where it is currently 59 degrees. high temperature was recorded at 65. 65 and 45 are the high and low for this date. i do not see as anywhere near record with the temperatures. we will stay pretty seasonal and the next several days. 61 degrees in fredericksburg. temperatures across the eastern half of the country are pretty mild. the only cool stuff is on the northern plains and that is not even cold given the time of year. milder temperatures will eventually work back into the area by the end of the week. we're watching shower activity off the coast. not impossible to see a shower early in the morning, but it will be the second system coming
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out of the gulf region that has better chances of rain. tomorrows showers will be out early in the day and then wednesday, thursday, friday will go back to sunshine and a warming trend. solated showers in the morning. the upper 50's and checking out the next seven days, isolated showers tomorrow, better chances wednesday morning. a few showers on halloween. sunshine as we head into the first day of eastern standard time. >> >> before its season of monday night football -- >> here we are in the 40th season of monday night football. this year, there seemed to be more questions than answers and the biggest question has to be
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sherman lewis as play caller. this is the first game with the redskins that jizorn will not be calling place. there has been so much talk about everything but for all this week. it is almost a relief for the players. the boss knows the eagles might just bring out the best of them as well. >> the kickoff and once you get out there, is about the game -- you have the kickoff and went to get out there, it is about the game. >> the phillies are coming in the year after they lost to oakland. you know they will be playing a lot harder and more focused. for us, it is time for us to play a lot more focused. >> earlier tonight -- today, the monday night football team was in georgetown. they were doing their weekly
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talk. then there is john gruden and roger gorske. john gruden called the place f years in the nfl. ron pinjur gorske as well. >> the bottom line is that this will end badly and nodded -- not because of the people involved. sherman lewis is one of the brightest minds when it comes to of understanding offensive football. he understands what needs to be successful. chasing campbell was one of my m.v.p.'s at the halfway. the problem is that this is about timing. this is a bad time to make this move. >> [unintelligible] they have got a lot of a veteran football players. if i was philadelphia, i would be wary. parks and becaus>> and of course
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achieved is often the most dangerous. -- a wounded it chief is often the most dangerous. it is the 40th time the yankees have made it to the world series. what a time to be in philadelphia. u.f. got the 76ers' ready to play, the phillies in the world series, defending world champions and then you have michael vick try to come of age here. they are now the favorite going intoç wednesday's game in the bronx. and how about minneapolis? he was introduced yesterday as the new manager of the cleveland indians manny has a new light and nu look and another team. unfortunately, i it is a new -- is another building situation. it that is a look at sports. it is all coming your way monday night football, eagles and
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redskins. >> it is nice to see many act alone on his feet. he is a good guy. >> a very good guy. he is back in baseball. >> caroline lyders fairport -- did a report about the support of the redskins fans. how much does that operate? >> i think it says a lot. right now, they're a dysfunctional organization. fans are jumping on and off of the bandwagon and getting seasick. they're hoping to make a movie. they hope they will snap out of it, but in reality, i do not see that happening. >> in today's political polls, senate majority leader harry reid plans to go ahead with the reform bill that includes the public plan. what are the ramifications of that? >> centre read has been given the chance to opt out by 2014.
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-- senator reid has been given the chance to opt out by 2014. he supports the trigger, but not the offer. he supports the trigger, but not the offer.
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i always choose land o'lakes all-natural eggs. from hens fed a rich, whole-grain diet with no added antibiotics or hormones. ♪pure and simple always natural♪ ♪our best eggs say land o'lakes♪ land o'lakes all-natural eggs. where simple goodness begins. >> they call it daylight saving time. why does it go into effect
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during the night? >> that is a good question i will go research it and let me know. one system off the coast with a few showers may affect parts of the area in the morning. a second system developing over the gulf coast will bring more widespread rain by tomorrow night and early wednesday. rain will clear out thursday and friday and be beautiful and that they will be fall back for daylight savings time saturday night into sunday. daylight savings time saturday night into sunday.
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